How to Increase Your Chance of Being Hired to Work on a Cruise Ship

Each cruise line has specific application procedures. If these procedures are not followed as the cruise line states, you may just be wasting your time and money. As the crewing supervisor is going through the resumes, he or she will weed out any applications that do not meet the specific requirements of the cruise line. Among the first resumes to be thrown out are those that are incorrect, incomplete or sent to the wrong person. Not only is it important to send a complete and correct resume to the appropriate person, but also to know which positions are available for you.Crew positions such as cabin stewards, cleaners, and waiters are usually filled by those hired through agencies in Latin America, the Caribbean, the Philippines, Indonesia and Eastern Europe. Canadians, Americans, Western Europeans and those from the UK can be hired for crew positions, but long hours and low wages make it undesirable to even consider such positions. If you are from an industrialized country, you will find that targeting the positions in either the Purser’s Office or in the Cruise Staff Department will give you the best chance for cruise line employment. When you have found a position of interest, confirm the title given by the cruise line for that position. Some cruise lines will refer to an Assistant Purser as a Receptionist. Be sure to use the proper position title to avoid confusion. An easy and quick way to find out the position title is either by calling the cruise line’s employment line or by checking their website.To help you decide which position is right for you, think about your skills and relate them to a position. It is important to have some experience in the position that you wish to obtain for the cruise line to consider your application. Think about it as if you were the crewing supervisor…would you hire yourself for that position? Remember, the less training that they have to invest in you the better for them. It is all about their advantages for hiring you. Also it’s important to realize that if you have never worked on a ship before, it is unlikely that you will be hired for a high-ranking position such as Cruise Director or Hotel Manager. The Officers and Staff that hold these positions have worked hard to climb their way up the ladder of stripes. Their pay is better, but the work hours can be much longer and the responsibilities also much greater. These people are often no longer interested in the excitement of travelling. They enjoy their job but it is often the only life they know after so many years at sea.