Digital Photography – 5 Tips For Absolute Digital Photography Beginners

New to digital cameras and photography? Don’t know which end of the digital camera is up? Many others have passed this way, so don’t lose heart. Here are some basic tips for beginning photographers that will help you get started with your new camera and learn digital photography.It’s really hard to imagine yourself as the next Ansel Adams at first. When you get a new digital camera, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the terms and control features.Fear not! While daunting, it takes only a little exploration and practice to get past the first panic. You will be taking amazing photographs to wow your friends and acquaintances very quickly.Digital cameras are improving all the time. This is good news and bad news.The good news is that you don’t have to be a techno-wizard to be able to take some fantastic shots with your digital camera, whether it is the cheapest or the most expensive one on the market.The bad news is that, as the technology advances, there are more and more buttons and gadgets to figure out. This causes stress for some folks.But more good news – you don’t have to master all the gizmos and widgets. You can take great pictures with your camera set on “Auto.”The Tips:Have Patience – Don’t panic when you first pick up that camera. Take a deep breath and ease into picture taking mode.
Read the Manual – This actually should be first. It is the one thing that causes most people the most frustration. Not knowing where a setting is can be easily learned by opening the instruction manual. The manufacturer invested lots of time and money creating that little document. Use it. And if it is misplaced, you can access it online by simply typing the name of your camera into the search box on google. Every manual for recent cameras is available as a downloadable PDF document.
Invest in a Storage Card – All cameras come with basic needs covered, including some type of storage. However, it is ALWAYS necessary to get a larger storage card than what comes with your camera. Now that prices are extremely competitive, get at least an 8 GB card so that you can take lots of pictures without worry of running out of space.
Set the Picture Size and Quality – These will probably be in the same part of your camera menu, but they may be separate functions, meaning you have to do each one as a different operation. You will find these settings in your camera menu. They is not in the same place on every camera, so consult your manual (see tip #2). Choose a large size and the best quality. This is why you need a nice large storage card (see tip #3). Even if you plan to only share your photos online where the smallest size would be sufficient, you never know when you will get that unforgettable photo that you want to frame and hang on the wall. If you camera is set to a tiny size, you will be Out Of Luck.
Use the Auto setting on your Mode Dial – If you are a beginner, you want to get some good pictures to test the camera and build your confidence before you venture into the “Creative” settings on you new digital camera.You are now ready to start snapping. It is time to throw patience and caution to the wind and take lots of shots.The Really Good News: Forget the idea of film and having to pay for each time you press the shutter button. You have a delete button on your camera which you can use to get rid of the losers. The more you shoot the more the probability that you will get some winners, and winners are what will keep that new digital camera from sitting on a shelf gathering dust.