Ayers Rock Travel Tips

The enormous monolith and World Heritage Site of Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, fascinates and inspires people from around the world with its glowing presence at sunrise and sunset. The Uluru and Kata Tjuta you see today are the remains of erosion that began around 500 million years ago. Both formations are but visible tips of enormous slabs of rock that extend as far as six kilometres into the ground.Archaeological work suggests that Aboriginal people have lived in the area for at least 22,000 years. The Anangu people are Uluru’s traditional custodians but until recently, the famous monolith was known as Ayers Rock, named after former premier Sir Henry Ayers by European explorer William Gosse, who first sighted the rock in 1873. Uluru was returned to the care and ownership of the Anangu in 1985 and they now jointly manage the national park with Parks Australia.Due to it’s sacred history, it is important as a responsible traveller to consider the local history, people and customs of Ayers Rock.You can help support the Uluru-Kata Tjuta region and the rich indigenous culture whilst learning about the area from an Aboriginal perspective, by visiting Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre, buying local art or joining a tour with a local Aboriginal guide.The main travel tip is that the Anangu people prefer visitors don’t climb Uluru because it’s a sacred site. So nowadays many visitors choose to do the 9.4 km Uluru base walk instead and I strongly recommend the full walk, as it really is a wonderful place to visit and spend time. The Ayers Rock walk is divided into sections, or visitors can choose to walk the entire circumference. It begins at the base of the climb and three to four hours should be allowed to complete it.The unsealed Mereenie Loop is recognised as one the greatest desert drives in Australia. Connecting Alice Springs with Watarrka National Park and Uluru-Kata Tjuta via a stretch of dirt track that ploughs through the West MacDonnell Ranges, it’s an interesting alternative to the Explorer’s Way. Final tip, Australia can throw up tough travel conditions at times and to use a local travel expert or travel operator is always recommended.

Real Estate For Sale? Try an Exclusive Listing

There are multiple reasons why exclusive listings are the order of the day when sellers have homes for sale these days, and the Multiple Listing Service is just one of them.Creating the opportunity to have your real estate viewed by hundreds of agents can increase the chances of selling your property quickly and for the best price.Having your property listed on the Multiple List Service helps ensure maximum exposure to other agents and to those in the market to purchase a home.Statistics shows that, the only way to get your home on the MLS is to list it exclusively with a licensed Real Estate Association agent. Once your property is listed on the MLS, it will be exposed to the public at large, as well as more than 200 other licensed real estate agents in the certain areas.”When first introduced in the territory, this list could be viewed only by licensed real estate agents. That has since changed and now the general public can use the site to view properties and educate themselves on the market.In addition, exclusive listings for properties have become the trend for other reasons.some realtors believe that it is better for one agent at a time to represent a listing. By doing this, the seller will get the exposure of all of the other 200-plus real estate agents, but will have one sole person who will take the responsibility for the house showings, feedback, offers, etc.”When a home seller enters into an exclusive listing, they put that Realtor to work for them. They are guaranteed that their Realtor will represent them from the time the home or property is listed, until the day it is sold and that the Realtor will negotiate on the seller’s behalf to get the highest price.There are benefits for buyers, as well.Multiple showings are not necessary and there is no doubling up in property showings. Working with just one Realtor also gives that Realtor an opportunity to get to know the client’s wants and needs and avoid wasting their time showing properties that don’t align with the client’s checklist of features they want in their next home.A Realtor provides useful information to their clients regarding property values, neighborhood, market conditions and obvious physical defects.-end-

Lose Weight Quickly and Healthy Lifestyle Choices

For many of us it is difficult to understand the correlation between how to lose weight quickly and healthy lifestyle choices. Most do not even see how important the choices we make affect our weight. Be it over indulgence, lack of exercise, stress eating or just bad eating habits, what we do in our lives dictates our overall weight and health. In this article I will hit on a couple of points that everyone needs to consider if they are looking to lose weight quickly and the healthy lifestyle choices that may be required.

First I like to start out by asking you, “How long did it take you to gain the weight you wish to lose?” Be honest as you are only cheating yourself. Now think about that for a moment. The bad news is weight is easier to GAIN than it is to LOSE it! Sorry… It is a scientific fact. To gain weight, all you need to do is eat more than you need and/or exercise less. Presto! You are overweight. If it were as simple as eating less and exercising more to lose weight wouldn’t everyone be doing it? It is almost that simple, at least the science behind losing the weight is but it is not that simple for many of us.

As humans we are self destructive to a point. We know that we can lose weight quickly and healthy lifestyle choices are the way to get there but we still lose interest or the will to continue on the path. Why do we lose interest or the will to continue? In many cases it is a lack of education into what is a healthy lifestyle choice. We all have misconceptions about healthy lifestyle choices and thus sabotage ourselves before we even get started. Many believe it is becoming a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice BUT it is NOT for everyone in fact, unless this is a life path you wish to take, just forget it. Healthy lifestyle choices come down to the simple few points:

  1. Making healthy food choices at each meal – Avoid eating at fast food restaurants for every day. Many of the foods you will be ingesting are filled with excess calories, fat and salt and unless you are going to run for an hour after each meal, chances are most of this will be translated into body fat. Eating at one once a week can be maintainable if you make better choices the rest of the week.
  2. Exercise a little more frequently – Some of us go to the gym, some play sports and some of us go for a walk. It does not matter what the exercise is what is important is that you are active. No, walking to your car or into your office does not count as being active.
  3. Get outside – Explore your neighbourhood, play with your kids or go shopping. It is important to get out of the home as being in the home leads to sitting down in front of the TV and usually falling victim to all the food advertising thus you start snacking on whatever is convenient.